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In order to make EC4™DAQ run, some additional software must be installed to run, see here.

  • Minor Improvements
  • Step technique can now set to repeat.
Version: v4.2.126

Minor updates.

EC4 DAQ version 4.2.99

Some minor bug fixes.


Version: v4.2.99

Bugfix: Update address corrected

EC4 DAQ 4.2.85

Some minor Bugfixes

Added support for ECi-100 and ECi-010

EC4 DAQ 4.2.8

Added support for ECi-210 and ECi-240

EC4 DAQ 4.1.133
  • New Nyquist plot to EIS
  • Some Bug-fixes
  • Support for Bi-potentiostat
EC4 DAQ 4.1.122
  • New Addon support: Power Booster
  • New Support for Barcode Readers. Save time by using custom barcodes that are decoded directly into setup panel. EC4 BarCode must first be installed.
EC4 DAQ 4.1.114

Minor updates


Features added:

  • Printing of Macro and Macrolists.
  • Calibration of some External Devices.




Feature added: Printing of Macro and Macrolists.

EC4 DAQ 4.1.85

New – Program can now look for new updates.


EC4_DAQ – 4.1.78

Update of installation procedure.

EC4DAQ ver. 4.1.76

Some minor updates