EC4™VIEW – Electrochemical Data Analysis Software

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EC4™View software – data analysis of electrochemical data.

  • Fast visualization of data
  • Fast extraction of key values


EC4™View software is a electrochemical data analysis software. It provides all needed features to analysis data quickly.


Basic Features

EC4™View software includes several features:

  • Table with all experimental information
  • Fast data visualization based on experimental technique
  • Normalization of current
  • Change reference potential
  • Data export
Main WindowEC4_View_Mainwindow

Modules – Extract key values

EC4™View Software includes modules  featuring fast extraction of key information from experimental data:

  • Elechtrochemical Surface Area (ECSA)
  • Tafel Slope
  • Specific and Mass Activity
  • Levich Analysis
  • Koutechy-Levich Analysis
CV Module EC4_view_CVmodule CV Module

Data Export

Using EC4™View Software, the raw data, treated data and extracted key values can also be exported
into data analysis software from other developers. The following software are supported:

  • Origin®
  • Igor™
  • Excel®


In order to run the software, a few drivers are needed. These drivers are found here.

For further information, please contact us at Nordic Electrochemistry.