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This database has been compiled with articles where people have used a Nordic Electrochemistry System in their research.

If you are missing a publication, please send us an email to us with Title, Author and link. We will be happy to add the article to our database.

Data Base
Efficacy of silver/hydrophilic poly(p-xylylene) on preventing bacterial growth and biofilm formation in urinary catheters,
by Hamideh Heidari Zare, Viktorija Juhart, Attila Vass, and Gerhard FranzDieter Jocham
2017 DOI Abs
Design and Application of External Reference Electrode for Kinetic Studies at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures,
by Fleige, Michael J. Wiberg, Gustav K. H. Arenz, Matthias
2017 DOI Abs
On the oxygen reduction reaction in phosphoric acid electrolyte: Evidence of significantly increased inhibition at steady state,
by Yu-Jia Deng, Gustav Karl Henrik Wiberg, Alessandro Zana, Matthias Arenz
2016 DOI Abs
Levich Analysis and the Apparent Potential Dependency of the Levich B Factor,
by Gustav K. H. Wiberg and Alessandro Zana
2016 DOI Abs
Fuel cell catalyst degradation: Identical location electron microscopy and related methods,
by Matthias Arenz and Alessandro Zana
2016 DOI Abs
In Situ FTIR Spectroscopy: Probing the Electrochemical Interface during the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on a Commercial Platinum High‐Surface‐Area Catalyst,
by M Nesselberger, M Arenz
2016 DOI Abs
The colloidal tool-box approach for fuel cell catalysts: Systematic study of perfluorosulfonate-ionomer impregnation and Pt loading,
by Jozsef Speder, Alessandro Zana, Matthias Arenz
2016 DOI Abs
Synthesis Mechanism and Influence of Light on Unprotected Platinum Nanoparticles Synthesis at Room Temperature,
by Laura Kacenauskaite, Andreas Abildgaard Swane, Jacob Judas Kain Kirkensgaard, Michael Fleige, Sebastian Kunz, Tom Vosch, Matthia
2016 DOI Abs
Redox and Acid–Base Properties of Binuclear 4-Terphenyldithiophenolate Complexes of Nickel,
by F Koch, A. Berkefeld, H. Schubert and C. Grauer
2016 DOI Abs
Tetrahexahedral Pt Nanoparticles: Comparing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction at Transient vs. Steady State Conditions,
by Yu-Jia Deng, Gustav Karl Henrik Wiberg, Alessandro Zana, Shi-Gang Sun, and Matthias Arenz
2016 DOI Abs
Gas diffusion electrode setup for catalyst testing in concentrated phosphoric acid at elevated temperatures,
by Gustav K. H. Wiberg, Michael Fleige and Matthias Arenz
2015 DOI Abs
Equilibrium coverage of OHad in correlation with Platinum catalyzed fuel cell reactions in HClO4,
by Yu-Jia Deng, Matthias Arenz, Gustav K.H. Wiberg
2015 DOI Abs
Rotating disk electrode system for elevated pressures and temperatures,
by M. J. Fleige, G. K. H. Wiberg, M. Arenz
2015 DOI Abs
On the influence of hydronium and hydroxide ion diffusion on the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions in aqueous media,
by Gustav Karl Henrik Wiberg, Matthias Arenz
2015 DOI Abs
From single crystal model catalysts to systematic studies of supported nanoparticles,
by Jozsef Speder, Ioannis Spanos, Alessandro Zana, Jacob JK Kirkensgaard, Kell Mortensen, Lena Altmann, Marcus Bäumer, Matthias Are
2015 DOI Abs
Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Pt Overlayers Deposited onto a Gold Film: Ligand, Strain, and Ensemble Effect,
by Yu-Jia Deng, Vladimir Tripkovic, Jan Rossmeisl, Matthias Arenz
2015 DOI Abs
Design and test of a flexible electrochemical setup for measurements in aqueous electrolyte solutions at elevated temperature and pressure,
by Gustav K. H. Wiberg, Michael J. Fleige and Matthias Arenz
2014 DOI Abs
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