ECi Booster – Can deliver up to 30A Current


ECi Booster

ECi-Booster is current booster and can deliver up to 30A


ECi Booster operates in conjunction with a potentiostat/galvanostat such as the ECi-200. The Booster is controlled by an analogue signal from the potentiostat which is amplified by the booster to deliver up to 30A.



                               Potentiostat and Booster


ECi-Booster with the ECi-200 potentiostat powered by the EC4™DAQ Software has several features that are very helpful to improve the success of the electrochemical experiments:

  • Control over Current, electrode potential and cell potential.
  • EIS capabilities
  • FFT diagnostics – minimize the noise at its source
  • Solution resistance compensation
  • Online measurement of the effective solution resistance

Safety Features

ECi-Booster can be controlled by an external safety sensor. Under some critical condition, such as excess temperature or gas evolution, the safety sensor can send a signal to the booster, which would then cut current output.