Potentiostat ECi-200


ECi-200 – out of production (now ECi-210)

ECi-200 is a modular potentiostat / galvanostat for advanced electrochemical studies with a medium sized footprint.


ECi-200 potentiostat powered by the EC4™DAQ Software has several features that are very helpful to improve the success of the electrochemical experiments:

  • The perfect set-up for rotating disc electrode measurements
  • EIS capabilities up to 1 MHz
  • FFT diagnostics – identify and minimize the noise at its source
  • Solution resistance compensation
  • Online measurement of the effective solution resistance

Technical Specification:

  • Current Ranges
    • Linear Ranges – from 10nA to 1A
    • Logarithmic – measure currents ranging from 1nA – 100mA.
  • Potential Range: from -10 V to 10 V

Additional Modules

  • Multi-Working Electrode (MWE) Module – Measure the current from up to 8 electrodes simultaneously. Useful for catalyst testing.
  • Digital Output (DO) Module – Control up to 4 external relays/switches via this module
  • Digital Input (DI) Module – Measure the state of up to 4 external digital channels.
  • Temperature Module – Record the temperature with PT-100 probes.
  • Analogue Output (AO) Module – Control external devices such as rotating disk electrodes.

see our specifications: https://nordicec.com/Home/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/ECi-200-Potentiostat-specification.pdf