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EC4™ BarCode software – Speed up Setup Description Writing


EC4™BarCode software for codification of the description of a experimental setups and generation of bar codes. The codified setup bar codes can be used to speed up the tedious task of inserting setup information into programs.

After creating the bar code, print and attach the code to any object.

Use any bar code reader( or your phone) together with EC4™DAQ to enter the experimental parameters fast by just scanning a bar code.

BarCode Features

EC4™ BarCode software includes the generate bar codes (Code128, QR Code™, PDF417). User have a many options to tune the bar code.


In order to reduced the size of the bar codes and standardize their usage, key experimental parameters are codified using one or two letters, a delimiter token followed by the value to be stored. For example, a HCl electrolyte would be coded as


For another electrolyte, 2.4mM KI in water, the code would be in


Here follows a selected list of experimental parameters that are codified:

  • Solution(S)
    • Concentration, salt, solvent, volume.
  • Working Electrode(W)
    • type, material, geo.area, tip name
  • Catalyst(C)
    • Cat.w%, support, batch, substrate
  • Reference and Counter Electrodes
  • Free text


Bar code example of an electrolyte: 2mM HClO4 in H2O

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EC4™BarCode Solution

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