EC4™Spectra – Merge Spectral data with EC data


EC4™Spectra software – Merge Spectral data with EC data

  • Treat Spectral data
  • Synchronize spectra times series with electrochemical data


Couple an potentiostat with a spectrometer can be a powerful tool in order to examine electrochemical processes. The two instruments create different kinds of data sets with different sampling rates. As a results, in order to plot the two data sets together they must first be synchronized and re-sampled.

EC4™Spectra software simplifies this process so that only a few mouse clicks are needed.

ImportEC4 Spectra_Merge

Basic Features

EC4™Spectra software can read the files from following spectrometers and formats:

  • THERMO Nicolet: OMNIC FTIR spectrometers (*.spa and *.srs)
  • UV/VIS, NIR, IR, fluorescence and Raman spectra in JCAMP-DX 4.24 standard (*.dx, *.jdx)
  • Bruker: OPUS software (*.0, *.1, … ,*.dpt)

includes several spectrum processing features:

  • Background subtraction
  • Baseline correction
  • Advanced baseline correction
Main WindowEC4 Spectra

Final Format

EC4™Spectra software can export the treated data sets directly into other data analysis software:

or saved to a formats:

ExportEC4 Spectra_Export

For further information, please contact us at Nordic Electrochemistry.

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