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This database has been compiled with articles where people have used a Nordic Electrochemistry System in their research.

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Title: Tetrahexahedral Pt Nanoparticles: Comparing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction at Transient vs. Steady State Conditions

Abstract: In this work, we have synthesized tetrahexahedral (THH) Pt nanoparticles (NPs) enclosed with {730} high index facets using a one-step square wave potential procedure. The catalytic activity of the THH NPs towards the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is studied at both transient and steady state conditions. As benchmark, the ORR activity is compared with those of polycrystalline Pt and a commercial Pt/C catalyst. The results show that at transient conditions, the catalytic performance of the THH Pt NPs and Pt/C are approximately the same and about 2 times lower than polycrystalline Pt. However, at steady state conditions the THH Pt NPs perform considerably better than Pt/C. At steady state THH Pt NPs are even slightly more active than polycrystalline Pt.

DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.6b02201