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This database has been compiled with articles where people have used a Nordic Electrochemistry System in their research.

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Title: Redox and Acid–Base Properties of Binuclear 4-Terphenyldithiophenolate Complexes of Nickel

Abstract: This work reports on the redox and acid–base properties of binuclear complexes of nickel from 1,4-terphenyldithiophenol ligands. The results provide insight into the cooperative electronic interaction between a dinickel core and its ligand. Donor/acceptor contributions flexibly adjust to stabilize different redox states at the metals, which is relevant for redox reactions like proton reduction. Proton transfer to the [S2Ni2] core and Ni−H bond formation are kinetically favored over the thermodynamically favored yet unproductive proton transfer to ligand.

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201603060